DOLPHIN – Dolphins are known for their intelligence and their playfulness.
They protect each other in their community and they live in balance with
each other and their surroundings. They have a language of their own and
they communicate with their own language among their community and with
other creatures. They are healing and joyful and they convey a lesson to us
all about love and joy. Bring Dolphin into your life when you need balance,
joy and freedom.

BEAR – Many Native American tribes see Bear as one of their most powerful
medicine symbols. Bear can help with introspection, the ability to go
within and assess situations, strength and power. With the power of
introspection, Bear can help with being able to use power wisely.

FOX – Fox brings us discretion, cleverness and subtlety. It can blend in
with its surroundings and has the ability to lead predators and prey astray.
Foxes are very family conscious and will protect their family by leading
predators away from their families. Fox teaches us to slow down and observe
the situations around us and then approach more discreetly.

RAVEN – Raven brings the gift of magic and mystery. Raven is the messenger
from the Spirit World and when Raven appears in your life, something
mysterious is afoot. The Spirit World is sometimes called the Great Void and
even though you may not understand for sure what is going on, be assured
that something definitely is. If possible, do not meet Raven with fear but
with openness for what is being brought to you.

BEAVER – The medicine of Beaver is about the ability to build and create
form. If you are wanting to complete a project in your life, call on Beaver
to help you with your creation. They are the master builders. Beaver can
also help you solve situations in your life by helping you create a concrete

MOLE – Moles with their ability to dig and explore below the surface of
things can help us deal with our subconscious minds. This ability can help
us find out what is hidden that keeps us from being happy and healthy. Call
on Mole when you are ready to explore the hidden parts of yourself.

OTTER – Otters help us laugh at ourselves and give us the gift of play when
things are too serious. They are joyful and talkative. They enjoy life to
the fullest. This is an important thing for us to remember in our lives.
They also have a sense of freedom and movement enjoying every moment.

SQUIRREL – Squirrels are gatherers and are prepared for anything that might
come along. They are very fast and adaptable. Squirrels teach us to trust
that with preparation, life is simple and safe. Squirrels hide their nuts
in several different places to insure that they can survive the whole winter
and will distract other animals away from their stores. If Squirrel appears
to you it is time to prepare for the future and get rid of any garbage that
is surrounding you.

RABBIT – Rabbit shows us our fear and teaches us to be gentle with
ourselves. Through the acknowledgement of our fears, we can sometimes see a
different way to accomplish things.

BUFFALO - Buffalo brings us the gifts of prayer, abundance and healing. The
Native Americans used all parts of the Buffalo with nothing being wasted.
Buffalo was considered sacred and the gift of life from Great Spirit to the

COYOTE – If Coyote appears in your life, you are being asked to look at
yourself. Are you avoiding something that needs to be taken care of? Are
you acting in a way that you should not be? Coyote is asking you to look at
your actions and thoughts. Are you walking your road of truth or are you
being "tricked" by yourself into acting out of fear or ego? Coyote is
asking you to look into the mirror of truth and change any energy that is
out of balance about yourself.

WHALE – Whales are the keepers of the knowledge from the oceans where life
began. They are said to hold the records of the life and can take us back
to our origins. They can give us the gift of perception and intuition. The
have the ability of telepathy. They teach that by finding our own original
sounds that we can access all the information in the Universe. They also
teach that by using the right frequency of sound or energy, healing can

TURTLE – The turtle is the symbol for Mother Earth for some tribes. She can
teach us about respecting the Earth more and to give back to her as well as
receive from her. She is protected by her shell and teaches us to put both
feet firmly on the ground at all times.

HORSE – The Horse is about strength and freedom. It is powerful and
majestic in its appearance and moves with freedom and grace. The lesson of
Horse is to learn about personal power and use it wisely with wisdom. This
requires love and the ability to be in balance with all around you.

FROG – Frog is the keeper of the element of Water and the cleansing power of
rain on the earth. This also allows Frog to help us by being the caller and
cleanser of our emotions. The Frog also brings the message of the fresh
start of a new life. It is time to cleanse all around you and create a
space for new life to begin.

EAGLE – Eagle is the representation of Divine Power or Great Spirit. It
rises high in the sky carrying our prayers. From these heights Eagle can
see life in its entirety. Eagle teaches us to see all of life including the
positive and the negative. This allows a person to make decisions based on
all information available.




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