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Sitting Bull's Headdress / War Bonnet

Native American Headdress

featured in Native Peoples

Johnny Depp with Plains Headdress

Johnny Depp wearing one of our headdresses HEADDRESS MADE FOR THE MIRAMAX FILM "FINDING NEVERLAND"

see buffalo horn / split horn headdresses

Arapaho Headdress / Bonnet

Based on Yellow Calf's Headdress (Arapaho Chief) - Bristish Museum. It features many elements such as a silk trailer with feather and ermine, ermine drops, embroidered rosettes on velvet with netting and also wool, small feathers at base, amber horn tube beads, etc

Inspired by one of Iron Tail's trailer war bonnet

Iron Tail (or Cinte Muzza) an Oglala Sioux - fought at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. He also performed with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show during the 1890's and with the Miller Brothers 101 Ranch Wild West show from 1913 to 1916. He died of pneumonia on May 28, 1916 while traveling to his homeland, the hills of South Dakota. Iron Tail was one of three models for the Indian Head nickel.

A headdress similar to this) also featured in the film "Hyde Park on Hudson" (2012) starring Bill Murray. The headdress was worn by Jonathan Brewer playing the part of Ish-ti-opi

Blackfoot headdress / war bonnet

Based on an old Blackfoot bonnet ca. 1875

Blackfoot Headdress

Based on a museum Blackfoot Stand-up Headdress - 1880

Quills, wool, ermine, yarn, rawhide, clay paints, horse hair, hackles, stroud cloth, etc

other photograph (click here)

Cheyenne Headdress / War Bonnet

Replica of a Cheyenne Headdress featuring brass conchos, ermine coup dots and drops, brass beads, curled horse hair, etc.

The Plains Headdress / War Bonnet

Headdresses are custom made to order
All of our headdresses are hand beaded (lazy stitch or applique' brow bands in traditional colors - not loom beaded. All feathers are hand wrapped and hand painted with trade cloth/flannel or other material. The preferred color in the old days was red or yellow Feathers are decorated with horse hair, breath feathers, gypsum, buckskin/elk or fur on tips of feathers. We also utilize clay paints. Each headdress is antiqued to look old (if required). Deer skin or Elk skull caps are covered with feathers, ermine, Buffalo fur, otter, or other fur - and applied in various ways. Headdresses are adorned with buffalo hair, ribbon, ermine, quill work, braided leather, bead work, feather side drops, aged tin cones, hawk bells and dance bells, etc.

Native American headdress / bonnet

Based on a Museum Plains Indian headdress

Lakota Headdress

Custom made for a client in the States

calico / red trade cloth trailer, hand dyed horse hair with clay paints, fur, buffalo hair, hawk bells, ermine, sinew, etc

sioux headdress / war bonnet

Based on a museum headdress - Sioux Headdress

sioux headdress

based on a museum Sioux Headdress

lazy stitch beadwork, deer skin cap, buffalo wool on cap, trade cloth, antelope, studs, ermine, calico, etc.

made for a client in Montana

Sioux Trailer Headdress

This headdress featured in the film "Hyde Park on Hudson" (2012)

Smithsonian Plains Trailer Headdress

Bsed on Catalogue No. E357469 SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE. custom made for a collector in the States

Old Buffalo Bull Headdress - Blackfeet


The original headdress is in the Denver Art Museum.Buffalo fur, horns, trade cloth, seed beads, hawk bells, human hair, sinew, shell, beads, hackles and feather fluffs, deer skin, etc

made for a client in Chicago

Apache Medicine Cap

Apache Medicine Cap / War Cap

Hunkpapa Sioux HeaddressElements of a Hunkpapa Lakota headdress for a client in the States

native american hair ornament

see also...hair ornaments

Native American Indian headdress

This headdress was custom made for a private collector living in Finland

Lakota trailer headdress
Plains Indian (Sioux) Headdress / Bonnet
Plains Indian headdresses
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