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Bear Claw Necklace / Pendant / Charm
Artist Grizzly Bear claw, deer skin, deer leg sinew, two small medicine pouches - (buffalo fur, sacred tobacco), glass beads, hide glue, yellow ochre clay paint, etc. $105.
Apache Medicine Charm deer skin, glass beads, shell, brass beads, buffalo fur, coyote fur, sage & sacred tobacco
bear claw necklace
Plains Indian Feather Necklace
elk ivories, bear claws, beads, heishi, etc
hidatsa medicine bag with necklace
replica necklace and medicine bag worn by Road Maker (Aríìhiriš) in this painting. He was a 19th-century Hidatsa chief painted by Karl Bodmer (1834)$195
Bear Claw Necklace starting at $98
This replica feather necklace was inspired by the Lakota necklace found at the Little Big Horn battlefield in 1876
karl Bodmer painting
Bear Claw necklace with beaded rosettes, (size 11 glass seed beads), fur, bear claws, pony beads, sinew, etc (price dependant on what types of claws and furs used)
beaded amulet
Plains War Necklace | Medicine Necklace
eagle bone whistle

War Necklace | Medicine Necklace - Gros Ventre ca 1860

based on a museum example

Made with your medicine


This necklace was made using two hair locks from the husband-to-be so he could present to his new wife at the ceremony (Blackfoot Ceremonial Necklace - replica ca. 1860)
amulet necklace
Apache necklace
Chiricahua Apache Necklac
hair pipe choket
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Replica Apache necklacefeaturing shell discs, old trade beads, jasper beads and black onyx beads
plains indian necklace
Plains Indian Child's Necklace
bone hair pipe choker with abalone and old trade beads from the 1800'sChokers: (three strand w/o old trade beads) $99 (three strand with old trade beads) $125 f our strand tithe old trade beads) $145
Gros Ventre - Child's Necklacebased on a museum example $45

Chiricahua Apache
circa 1880


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