Native American Pipe Bags, Toccaco Bags | Pouches - Cheyenne, Sioux, Arapaho, Crow, etc.,

Native Americans made an incredible variety of  pouches for every conceivable purpose.  Beaded and or quilled pipe bags were some of the finest items made.  Their tobacco was sometimes carried at the bottom of the bag.  The pipe bowl was separated when it was carried and a thong drawstring tie was attached to the top of all pipe bags to secure the contents of the bag.

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Cheyenne Pipe Bag
Lakota Sioux Pipe Bag

Based on an old Cheyenne Pipe Bag ca. 1920

(other side is different)

beaded pouch
Lakota Pipe Bag (replica)
Apache Tobacco Pouch
beaded percussion cap pouch

Based on an APACHE, MESCALERO tobacco pouch (museum example)

This pouch was made for a museum in Colorado

Cheyenne Pipe Bag

Oglala Sioux inspired museum example - photographed with pipe

Sioux tobacco pouch examples of tobacco pouchse
Tobacco Pouches | Paint Pouches
Cheyenne Inspired pipe bag - glass seed beads, clay paint (yellow ochre and red)

lazy stitched completely beaded panel (both sides - approx. 4 x 6-1/4 - overall length is 31 inches (including the fringe) with beadwork down one side, top opening and edges of the ties.

made for a museum in Colorado

tobacco bags | paint pouches

(far left) made for a client in Ohio


native american beadwork


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