PIPESTONE PIPES and STEMS of the Plains Indian

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Pipes and pipestems are made by an Oglala Sioux

Catlinite Pipes / Calumet (some pipes and pipestems are decorated by NAT)

Sioux pipe and pipestem
Replica Sioux pipe stem ca. 1870 - Quilled and Beaded. Stem measures approx. 34 inches long not including the pipe bowl
note: our pipes have been neither smoked or blessed

We all wrap our stems differently, We never connect the bowl until we smoke it. it is a sacred item. We keep it wrapped in red cotton cloth filled with sage, and in a pipe bag. It is called the four winds crying chanupa, when it is smoked, white tears flow from the pipe stone.

Pte Ceya Wakan Winyan (In Lakota Sacred Crying Buffalo Woman)

Sitting Bull's Pipe
Sitting Bull
pipestone peace pipe

This is a replica of one of Sitting Bull's pipe

close up
sioux pipe stem
Sioux pipe maker can will custom make your pipe. This pipestone pipe was inlaid with pewter and base on an old pipe from the 1800's
pipe stem based on Sitting Bull's pipe stem (22 inches long)
catlinite pipestone pipe
plains indian pipe stem
decorated pipe stem
We have limited availability of these pipe stems. Beadwork and beadwork color can be custom to your preference.

Stem measures 25-1/2 inches (from end to end)

Glass beads, deer skin, hard wood, brass studs, hide glue, horse hair and clay paints, etc.

decorated pipe stem - deer skin, buffalo fur, trade cloth, lazy stitched glass seed beads, brass studs, etc
pipestone pipe
Plains Catlinite Pipes
replica of museum pipe(s) featuring glass beads, buffalo fur, hackles, deer skin, clay paint, one piece ash stem, trade cloth, etc.

This example of a pipestone (Catlinite) pipe was decorated to embody a clients personal medicine. If pipe stem (16 inch) features a painted Thunderbird, Eagle, two Red Tail Hawk feathers, Buffalo hair (Tonka), clay paints, various old time Chevron beads (1800's), etc.


(pipe was decorated using clients personal medicine)

Catlinite Pipe Bowl

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