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Examples of Native American (Plains Indian) Bow Cases and Quivers

Bow Cases & Quivers of the Native American Indian - Plains, Apache, Plateau, Basin, Woodlands & Southwest

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Sioux Made Bows / Arrows

Here are just a few examples of bow cases and quivers that we have made for clients.

Please contact us to discuss what type of combination bow case or quiver that you would like for your personal collection - a museum replica or a personal design etc.

smoked | brain tanned buckskin

lazy stitch and applique' beadwork

glass beads | pony beads | tin cones | horse hair | hawk bells | fur | wool cloth | clay earth pigment paints etc.


This combination bow case and quiver was made for a client in Montana. It is based on a museum example but with some color change requested by the customer.
Crow Bow Case and Quiver ca.1865


Based n an old Plains bow case and quiver (below right)

brain tanned deer skin, glass beads, earth pigment paints

Example of a Crow bow case & Quiver ca. 1865
An old Cheyenne bow case and quiver inspired by a museum example. Bow case and quiver was made for an old youth bow. deer skin, glass beads, earth pigment paints
plains bow case
Lakota Sioux Bow case quiver
Comanche Quiver
plains indian quiver and bow case
Lakota Sioux bow case / Sioux quiver
This Comanche Quiver is based on a museum example and made for Texas Parks & Wildlife, Texas. It features deerskin, trade cloth, brass bells, glass beads, ribbon, clay paints, etc
Hunkpapa Lakota [Standing Rock bow case / quiver based on a circa 1870 museum example with Sioux painted bow (museum replica)
bow case quiver
The book source for this bow case / quiver says that it is Sioux, but I feel it is more Southern Plains
Nez Perce bow case and quiver
Sioux bow case / Sioux Quiver

Nez Perce style combined Bow case / Quiver featuring buffalo fur strap. Made for a replica of a bow made by the Nez Perce warrior Yellow Wolf (see bows)

Plain Native American Bow Case and Quiver
Plains Bow Case / Quiver - smoked deer skin colored with yellow ochre

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