Examples of Tomahawks, Pipe Tomahawks, Trade Axes

Weapons of the Plains Indian | Native American Indian

Burnwork, brass studs, feather, brass inlay, aged , trade beads, various other beads, clay paint, hide gliue, etc.
(Replica) Northern Plains pipe tomahawk brain tanned buckskin, glass beads, deer leg sinew, brass studs, clay paints, hide glue, etcmade for a client in Montana
Complete, elaborate silver & brass inlaid presentation models, which were brought to Indian leaders as gifts and manufactured for the Indian trade. Each nation producing tomahawk heads used their own patterns and markings. The English blade resembled a straight ax, the French was shaped like a fleur-de-lis, and the Spanish was in the shape of a broadax. However, it was the Indian artisans who gave the tomahawk its crowning glory with his beaded, carved, fur-covered, and painted handles, and stately beaded tabs and appendages, which were in perfect proportion and attached to the handle ends.
Crow  Tomahwk (Plains Indian)


Old tomahawks, pipe tomahawks, trade axes from the early 1800's to the early 1900's also available



Replica based on an old Crow Tomahawk with Drop, ca. 1880 (not copied completely)
Old axe head, handle with brass wire and tacks near head. Bison handle wrapping, beads and red stroud cloth. Twisted strap runs through handle. Twisted fringe on beaded pendant drop.
woodlands indian tomahawk
Native American axe with beaded pendant
This tomahawk features a very old (antique) axe head To compliment this feature a beautiful haft has been carved featuring a goose. It has also been also and polished with natural oil and clay paint s.. The haft is based on a museum replica with the same similar axe head. Lovely wood grain!
plains indian tomahawk
Axe featuring studwork, burn work, beaded and painted pendant with artist bear claw (made to clients remit)
native american tomahawk
This tomahawk features an old tomahawk head. The haft is new but aged to compliment the head. It features brass studs, twisted fringe, calico ribbons colored with clay paints, hawk bells, deer hide, feather, braided leather, old trade beads from the 1800's, etc.
nez perce tomahawk
native american indian axe
working axe made for a client in Montana Buffalo hide with fur on, brain tanned buffalo, lazy stitch beadwork, brass studs, etc
This Axe was made for a client that wanted to use as a working axe. It features Nez Perce beadwork, brass studs, real sinew, file burn work trade cloth, clay paints, brain tanned deer skin, etc


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