War Shirts of the Native American Indian | Plains Indian - Cheyenne, Sioux, Arapaho, Crow, Kiowa, Comanche, Apache, Blackfeet, Nez Perce', Ute, etc.

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Sioux Scalp Shirt
(Ceremonial Shirts / Scalp Shirts / War Shirt)
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Based a museum SIOUX, LAKOTA, OGLALA shirt.
Deer Skin, human hair locks, glass beads, wool cloth, etc
Native American (Plains Indian) war shirtBRULE SIOUX WAR SHIRT (front of shirt) based on shirt from the Museum of the American Indian, New York.
Inspired by Chief Black Bird's Shirt (Oglala Sioux)
Soux War Shirt | Chief Blackbird War shirt
Back of Brule' Sioux War Shirt

The War Shirt / Shirt Wearers Shirt / Scalp Shirt / Ceremonial Shirt
The original shirt wearers earned the right to wear War Shirts through great acts of bravery and deeds that were incorporated into the designs. Over a warriors lifetime, he would probably have owned more than one shirt. Some War Shirts were also thought to possess intrinsic spiritual powers which were transferred to the wearer. Buffalo hide was too thick to use, so the maker used Elk or deerskins. However, the ideal hides came from mountain sheep that roamed the Rocky Mountains to the Missouri River and beyond. After the shirt was made, it could be decorated in many ways. Four strips of quill work or beadwork could be attached extending over the shoulders and hanging midway down the back, the other two strips attached to the sleeves next to the shoulder strips. Neck tabs or facings on back and front of the shirt were also seen on Plains IndianWar Shirts. Some tribes used square-shapes while others used pointed tabs or other shapes. Rosettes are often found on the early shirts in the middle of the chest and back. Hair from humans or horses often extended from the quilled arm strips and down the outside of the shoulder strips. Shirts with hair have been called scalp shirts, but they were only made with hair locks. Sometimes the same areas were decorated with fringe providing the flowing motion and a luxurious richness to the shirt. A shirt could also be filled with vivid paintwork or pictographic artwork

Early shirts were painted and decorated with quillwork and bigger beads. In the last part of the 19th century, shirts became more colorful with smaller beads and more intricate designs.

WITH A LARGER MEDALLION This is the back of the shirt. The front is similar with a green medallion.

NEW YORK, NY.- Sotheby's set a new record (for the original shirt) in May 2011 for a piece of American Indian Art at auction when an Oglala Sioux shirt sold to an anonymous buyer for $2,658,500

Crow Indian ShirtCrow shirt with painted Thunderbird

Crazy Horse War Shirt
Crow War Shirt


Although the Smithsonian Institute records the original shirt as Crow - some scholars say that it is probably of Arapaho or Cheyenne origin dating from around 1880

Shirt is loosely based on a Lakota war shirt

Sourced From: The National Museum of the American Indian | George Gustav Heye Center | New York, NY

Nez Perce Crow war shirt

This Shirt features Crow and Nerce Perce' elements

Lakota War Shirt


Based on a museum Lakota (Sioux) Scalp Shirt (back of shirt) circa 1870

sioux war shirt
Red Cloud War Shirt

Based on a SIOUX, War Shirrt and Leggins with moccasins ca. 1870

buckskin (brain tanned or smoked), feathers, clay pigment paints, trade cloth, glass and brass beads, etc

Bib for shirt (not antiqued to look old). It is based on Red Cloud's shirt bib.

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